H1B status while H4 COS pending

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Can anyone provide insight on below situation?

H1B is valid till Oct 2022.
H4 COS filed with effective date 08/15/2021

Shall the person leave the job by 08/14/2021? Or continue working on H1B until H4 COS is approved?

Will USCIS approve with effective date as in the application or effective date of their approved date?

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I have a similar situation. My attorney told me that the start date of H4 would be the effective date you put in the application. From other similar questions I saw online, people say we can continue working until H4 COS is approved. Would be nice to get some answers to this dilemma

My H1B valid till Oct 2022,  H4 COS effective date 10/01/2021.

1 ) Is it okay to continue working until H4 COS is approved ?

2) Is it okay to quit in Dec 2021 and then wait for H4 COS and EAD ?

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