I140-How to port priority date


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I have an approved I-140 with my previous employer.

But my previous employer is not giving me a copy of it.

I have my SRC# and can see the online status as approved.

Now I'm with a new company and have approved labor, how do I use my previous Priority date.

Will my online approval status work to port priority date ???

Please advice.

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1. google for information about form g639/foia act

2. learn how to apply properly

3. check with uscis / lawyer if the foia will get you the approval record even if the employer revoked the approved i140

4. go and apply

5. wait for a couple of months and get ur previous employers approval copy

6. give it to the new company lawyer

7. wait and pray

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attorney Sir,

One question that I have been struggling is, will the FOIA act get us the approval copy, even if the employer withdrew the approved i140 ....(employer did not revoke it because of fraud/mis rep)....

is the FOIA method still required... if we already have the case number ? .... This is because i get mixed responses from everyone...



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