What is a Misdemeanor? Different between Misdemeanor and Felonies?

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In the United States of America, crimes are generally categorized into three categories viz. Misdemeanor, felony, and infractions. Topping the list of crimes’ seriousness, felonies are more serious than the other crimes. A felony carries a term in prison ranging from a year to 10 years and so on. Infractions are minor violations that do not invite any jail term and a fine is paid as a punishment. 


What is a misdemeanor, then? The level of crime in between a felony and infraction is a misdemeanor. A crime that is more serious than an infraction and less serious than a felony is a misdemeanor. It carries a maximum jail term of 1 year, with or without a fine (depends on the crime). 

Misdemeanor: Penalties and Examples

A crime can be termed as a misdemeanor in some states whereas it could be a felony in others. If a convict conducts the same misdemeanor again in a brief period, despite some leniency from the authorities, it can be termed as a felony. 


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