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Hi, I am planning to sign contract for buying a house, my Employment based I485 has been approved but no card production order yet. I have been told to wait for 90 days if I don't get the card before calling USCIS. I wanted to understand if I buy house, what should be my status, LPR - legal permanent resident, even though I don't have the physical card yet. If Bank ask for proof, will it be OK to show I485 Approval notice. I read some where that when your 485 is approved you should not use non-immigrant status(H1) any more, hence I was confused.

I would appreciate a response on this.


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If your I-485 application has been approved, then you are a permanent resident and you are no longer in H-1B status. However, you need the physical green card in order to work in the U.S. and travel abroad. The I-485 approval notice, by itself, is not sufficient. If you do not receive the physical green card in the mail in 2-4 weeks, then you should consider making an Infopass appointment with the local USCIS office and request that they issue an I-551 stamp (temporary evidence of permanent resident status) in your passport. The USCIS officer may use his/her discretion to issue the I-551 stamp in your passport, but there aren't any guarantees. You can use this I-551 stamp to work in the U.S., travel abroad, and other purposes, until you receive the physical green card in the mail.

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