Continuing on l1 without changing to H1. Is my H1 still valid after trip to india


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I am working from company A on L1B. Through company B applied for H1B with status change in 2010 cap. Got approved H1B on Oct 2010. I am still working with Company A on L1B. Went for a trip to indiain dec 2010 and returned back in Jan 2011 on same L1 status.

1) As my H1 is approved but i am continuing on L1. What will be my current status L1/H1?

2) Does this effect my future H1?

3) As i travelled to india on L1. Will my H1 get canceleld.

4) Now i wanted to move to company B from Sep 2011 on H1B. Can i move to H1B and work?

I need this information ASAP. Thanks in advance for your time.

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