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I am looking for some clarification regarding the dates for which I am allowed to stay in the US under STEM OPT. My STEM OPT period started on 25th June 2019 and is valid till 24th June 2021. I did not selected in the lottery for the fiscal year 2020 and 2021, the case were filed by my previous employer, that was the same for both applications. This H1B cycle (March 9 -March 27, 2021) was my last chance to apply for the lottery. However, I was let go on Jan 15th 2021 from my previous employment, and I am currently staying in the US on my unaccrued STEM OPT 90-day period. My unemployment days stop on 13th April, 2021. I am looking at day-1 CPT courses at the moment but would like to seek some advice about the same. Since, there will be a break between receiving day-1 CPT I-20 and the date by which I have to leave the US, would there be any possibility of staying beyond the 13th of April until 24th June? Or would that be considered out-of-status and cause immigration problems?

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