L1A application while GC already in process thru family


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1) Is L1A visa dual intent (like H1B) at the time of initial-application (when you are outside USA)? Will L1A application get rejected, if you already have a GC application in file?

2) If you apply for GC (thru family) and later WITHDRAW it and then apply for TN visa, will it automatically get rejected (since u showed immigration intent already)?

I am a Canadian citizen living in Canada. I am planning to file for GC thru my US citizen sibling. For my country, it takes 15 years for GC thru sibling.

I am trying to learn how this GC-filing is going to adversely affect my potential US employment (I am a US educated engineer, with graduate degree). I understand that filing for this "sibling-GC" automatically pushes me out from TN visa category for Canadians (I will never be able to apply for TN in future??)

My question is: if my employer has a US office and they are transferring me to USA and willing to apply for L1A, then what are the possibilities of L1A getting rejected due to GC application that is already in file? (I know, since H1B is dual-intent, having an already live GC application will not adversely affect an H1B application. But I would like to know if this is the same with L1A and L1B)


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