Expiring I94 due to Passport Expiry.


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During my last visit to India, At port of Entry the officer changed my I94 date to Mar 2021. Even though i have valid visa till Sep 2021, since my passport is expiring on Mar 2021, the officer changed the I94 date to Mar 2021.
Now i have submitted by new passport application and expecting the new passport in 2 weeks.

Do i need to travel out of the country to get updated I94 ? Or is there any other option to do this without leaving the country ?
Also, In worst case, if i didn't receive my new passport on time, then what should i do ?
Kindly help me on this.

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Yes, you will have to leave the country to get a new I94 number that will match your Sep 2021 date (you can go to India or drive into Canada/Mexico but for both these options you must have an unexpired visa stamp to reenter US). Considering the dates that you mentioned, it does seem that time is really tight.

The other option to is to apply for H1B extension once you get your new passport.

***A word of advice for you and anyone else reading this: As soon as 9years of passport are over, apply for a new one to avoid falling into such situations. Remember there are many countries that require at least 6 months of validity after travel. Indian Consulates also advise people to renew after 9 years.

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