H1B Amendment , extension of stay or transfer

Patel CJ

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H1B petition filed on 25thJune 2020 based on Client X through employer. I got laid off on

7th July 2020 With Client X. I found a project with Client Y that project started on 13thJuly . I was on STEM OPT status valid until July 2021. My H1B approval came on October 16th but initial petition was filed based on Client X, after Approval I stopped working at Client Y though sponsored employer. they suggested, we have to file the new amendment ASAP for the Client Y after Oct. 16th, not working any locations until approval.

petition filed for the new amendment for Client Y and received case on December 7th, 2020 by USCIS receipt notice. But they file it on consular processing, attorney mentioned that since June 2020, you are not working at Client X location until or after approval notices. So that’s why. So, I cannot start working with Client Y as amendment filed on consular processing. By the time lost my project with Client Y(client Cannot wait) due to consular processing, So I am not getting any paystubs after OCT 16,2020 from employer since not working. Amendment case status is still pending.

Now, I got the new project (1st Feb. 2021) with Client Z with employer.


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