H1B renewal Dropbox Appt: chances of 221g given lost F1 visa/passport years ago

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Hi all,

My SO is on H1B with Google, and needs a visa renewal stamping. He has secured a dropbox appt in January 2021 to get the visa stamp.

Complication: While he was an undergrad at Brown, he had lost his passport and F1 visa. At the time he took all the recommended steps i.e. reporting the passport stolen, keeping documentation of the report etc.

Visa renewal (F1/H1B) since the incident: This incident did not impact / cause hiccups in his F1 visa renewal via Dropbox appointment and more recently his H1B visa stamping the first time around via in person interview in Delhi with Yahoo as his sponsoring employer. His visa stamp has never been annotated with any administrative processing. As a result, this time around for his H1B visa renewal with Google as his sponsoring employer he has qualified for a dropbox appointment & does not need an in person interview.

Question: He has disclosed the lost passport / F1 visa incident in his latest DS160 form in one of the sections. What are the chances of this incident causing issues this time around leading to a request for additional information / an in person interview or even worse 221g? Specially worried because in person appointments are halted right now so a need for one would mean possible indefinite stay in India till consulates re-open.

Any guidance / comments would be super helpful!

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