Can Dependent Start using I485 EAD/AP and primary applicant choose not to use?

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I had EB2 and EB3 I140 both approved. I am currently on H1B Status and have a pending EB3-I485(I765- EAD/AP)application along with my spouse. My spouse is currently on an h1b visa(Expire Aug 2021). As a primary application, I will be maintaining my H1B until I received my green card but we were wondering if she can start using I485 EAD and not continue on her H1B extension? is it okay if she uses it and I am not? There are a lot of benefits like switching jobs, not working, working for multiple employers if needed so we are thinking to go that route. Couple of questions I have.

1. If she uses EAD/AP then she will be a tie to the EB3 category and can not make a switch to H4/H1 in the future if the final green card, Does the application get denied?
2. If EB2 dates move and if I decide to change the route, As I was already maintaining H1B I can go back to EB2 but then what happens with her?

Any other odd scenario you can think of or point to me. Any help or direction is greatly appreciated. 

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