Receipt Notice for Starting job at new employer on H1B

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Hello everyone,

I am on H1-B and I had been impacted by a lay off from my current job early December and I have some offers coming in for new positions. 

I hear that there is considerable delay in receiving the receipt notice for H1B transfers. If my new employer files the transfer on the 45th day of my 60 day grace period, would I have to leave the country on the 60th day if I still did not get the receipt number? Or can I continue to work as I had submitted my documents to USCIS and am waiting for the receipt and approval?





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Thank you JoeF and Rksingh for responding. Got a verbal offer. Expecting the company to come with a final offer and file for visa transfer first week of February. My authorized stay in the US is till February 10th. Hoping to get the receipt date by Feb 10th. Do I have to leave the country and come back in, if the new company does not accept that I can start with the Fedex receipt date incase of Official receipt number coming after the 10th of February? 

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