Can I file i-485?

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I'm born asian Indian and naturalized Canadian citizen (+40 year old with family) working in the US as a NAFTA professional. My brother submitted i-130 for family based green card for sibling of US citizen. As most of you here might be familiar, the F4 priority dates to become current timelines are roughly 15 years as of now. So my questions below:

1. Am I allowed to submit my i-485 since I am already in US as soon as my i-130 is approved or should I wait for priority date to become current?

2. Does my brother have to submit separate i-130 for each of my kids and my spouse? Or do they become derivative beneficiaries based on the age and relationship when I have to do AoS/CP?

3. Can I modify pending i-130 if its submitted online incase I need to add my kids and wife?

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