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Hello Team,

Before the questions to start with a brief, we are well established company in the IT & ITes industry, having Offices in India and The Netherlands. 

We are having few existing and new clients that require skilled staff who is well verse in IT, and we have these guys with us in our India office. Our company incorporated in Texas, US during 2016 has 100% parent in The Netherlands, filling Tax returns on time since 4 years now with turnover of approx $500k

Now Questions - 

1) Is L1 VISA fast route to bring approx 10-20 people in the USA. few under L1A and few under L1B. Want people there in next 2 months.

2) What are the eligibility criteria for a company want to bring people in the US. ex - turnover requirements, age of company, profits. 

3) is there any maximum limit on L1 VISA a company may apply for and be granted. 

4) The parent of our US company is in The Netherlands, would we be able to apply VISA for staff from the India company. Both India and US has parent in The Netherlands

5) If we cannot get L1 VISA with the answers above, is there a way to bring people through H1B VISA ? again, what is the company eligibility criteria to apply for a H1B visa of an employee 

6) if all fails, is the any option of nearshore VISA to work in the US ?

Thanks in advance for the clarification I am expecting. 




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