Getting US Citizenship to child born abroad


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My wife is a US Citizen by naturalization and currently she is in India travelled due to an emergency and pregnant while traveling. Due to current situation and also its difficult to get her or my parents to US in these conditions, we are planning to deliver the baby in India.

I'm currently a permanent resident and getting naturalized in the month of December (before my child's birth) as it got delayed due to name change, staying in US since 10 years and my wife since 7 years, we also traveled to India in the year of 2016 for a month.

So if our child is born in India, does he/she get US Citizenship (by birth or naturalized way ?), if either case what additional things we have to take care to get US Citizenship to child while in India and what are the restrictions if any that we might face while traveling back with our child to USA?

Please let me know if anything else which we have to take care during this period while in India, traveling back and once we get to USA.

Thanks in advance

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