h1b 7th year extension issue

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I'm working at client location through a consulting company. My consultancy filed for PERM which is pending and my 6th year H1b ends december 7th. 

Below are my questions

1) If i travel to india will it affect my PERM and i140 process.

2) If my client agrees can i work from india for same client? and should i be with the same consulting company in india as well?

3) What if i work for a different company would it affect the processing of my PERM and i140?

4) how long can i stay in USA after my visa expires does the gap period of 60days still apply?

Kindly help.




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1) no gc is for a future job. Perm and i140 can continue irrespective of travel or even if the beneficiary was living outside the country.

2) current job has no bearing on the gc job, you can do whatever is feasible. Only condition is that the gc job should continue to be available and is being offered for the future

3) same answer as 2. As long as the job is being offered for the future, you can change companies. The means the existing company is willing to continue the gc process and expects you to rejoin in the future.

4) you have to leave when the visa ends. No grace period. You can extend the max out date by applying for an extension to recapture any outside the country travel time



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