Non-compete and non-solicitation on H1b


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Hello, I used to work for a company till May 2020. I am considering joining one of their clients. What are the risks associated considering I had a non-compete and non-solicitation with my ex-employer that I won't join their clients for 12 months post my last working day. 

Plz note that I have already sought advice from employment attorney. But I would like to take inputs from people here who have had similar experience. Also, it's not state of CA.

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On 11/12/2020 at 2:09 PM, mxs said:

Plz note that I have already sought advice from employment attorney

It's always good idea to follow what attorney suggested. See if you can get some type of waiver or release document from your employer.  Since Agreement are signed and accepted employer can come after you. It'll be good to follow rules and not to complicate situation. 

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