AOS pending and child aging out

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My daughter's AOS I485 was filed in October 2020. She will turn 21 in next November. Would she be eligible to continue to attend her undergrad school by using pending AOS as a lawful status? Or should she file for her change of status from H4 to F1 and have F1 approval ready before she turns 21? Appreciate if anyone could share any inputs.



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I am also in similar situation.

My kid is 19 and holding H4, my PD (Nov-17-2010) became current in filing dates (not final dates). Last month I applied for 485 for myself and 824 for my kid. We are also thinking to apply for 485 for my kid when my PD becomes current so that all our 485s are approved and 824 is discarded. Our hope is that my PD becomes current in final dates before my kid turns 21.

Since 824/485 process could take lot of time, thinking to change my kid to F1 so that status is maintained. Would COS to F1 now impact 824/485 application?

Scenarios could be:

1) F1 pending but 824/485 is about to be approved  - Would USCIS reject F1 or 824/485?

2) F1 approved and 824/485 is still pending - I am assuming this is okay as 824/485 would invalidate F1.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

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