F1 Stamping in India when L2 extension I539 under processing


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My daughter is planning to travel to India to get F1 visa, her current status in US is L2 and extension I-539 is under processing (filed before I94 expiry). I have few question if someone can help.

1. Will there be any problem in getting F1 visa while L2 extension is under processing (I94 expired & extension was filed in time)? I am aware that we will have to withdraw L2 extension application and we will do it as soon as she depart from US.
2. Has anyone flown to India recently for F1 visa and got it approved, specially taking expedited appointment (EA)? If yes please share your experience and any tips.

We have taken a regular appointment for march21 and plan to request for EA to advance it in Nov/Dec. I know that EA requests are being approved by consulates for student visa



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