PERM apply with Current or Previous Employer when Current Employer 140 is pending

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Mine also similar situation as below

 A) with current employer jobtitle - "sysem architect" SOC code :15-1133
 PERM approved and EB2-I140 is submitted and its pending
i need to apply for extension as my validity is June 2021

B) Previous employer PERM Approved , I-140 Approved PD: 3rd Juy 2013 SOCCode: 15-1132
C) My current employer is saying its risky to port , downgrade and file for EAD, But My previous employer is ready to do the Downgrade and submit  AOS and EAD.

Q1) is it safe to go with the old employer
Q2) do i need to transfer my H1 to previous employer immediately?will any chance of getting RFE?dnt want to risk the current job ?
Q3) if i start EAD and Down grade with previous employer, then will it cause any problem with current employer H1extn?
Q4) What if the previous employer EAD application is denied, and can i apply another EAD application with current employer as my PD become current under EB2, will it be really risk.
Q5) what's ur suggestion according to my current situation.
Q6)can i apply with my previous employer? Does it involves risks with my current employment for extensions and 140 approvals?

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