H1B Transfer Urgent Help

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I have a H1B visa and my sponsor is Company-A, I have got a job offer from Company-B, who wants to transfer my visa.

My Status:

1) I am currently in India.

2) I have never worked on H1B visa in US, though i have visited US on H1B.

3) I don’t have any pay stubs from my current sponsor i.e. Company-A

4) My visa is expiring by September end 2011.

As per my knowledge the minimum requirements for visa transfer are, 3 pay stubs, Client Letter’s, Purchase order etc. I may be missing something here.

My Queries:

Company-B says they will file for visa transfer when I reach US, they will submit the required documents like Client Letter’s and Purchase order to USCIS.

Then they will receive the acknowledgment receipt from USCIS with 60-80 days time approx. to submit pay stubs, and

Company-B says, after receiving the acknowledgment receipt Company-B can directly pay me and generate pay stubs and get the visa transferred.

1) Is the above stated possible? Can Company-B pay me directly before my visa gets transferred?

Secondly, Company-B says that they will send me the client letter and there own invitation letter’s and related documents before I fly to US.

2) At the port of entry, will I not require an invitation letter and project\ client letters from current visa sponsor i.e. Company-A?

Please guide me; any information\help will be highly appreciated; kindly update me if I am missing anything which I should know, or any other question that I should ask Company-B.

Thank you & Best regards

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