H-1b Drop Box Eligibility with new amend .

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HI All,

As you know recently USCIS has amend the drop box eligibility to 24 months. So, I wanted to check whether I am eligible for Dropbox or not . I would really appreciate if you can review my case and advise.

My last issued I-797 had validity from July-2018 to June-2019( 06-01-2019- to be precise) .

After completing 5.2 years in US I traveled back to India in Dec-2018.  

Currently I am in India and my employer has filled cap exempt extension based on approved -140 . Luckily, few weeks back I got the extension approved till Dec-2022.

I was trying to check some online drop box eligibility apps however I could not understand what would be last visa issue/expire date in my case as I just had i-797 and I did not get stamped on passport.  

Am I eligible for drop box ? 

I would really appreciate if you can advise me . 






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On 10/13/2020 at 2:39 AM, chetankr said:

One of the requirements for being eligible for dropbox is that you should have a stamped visa on the passport which has expired in the last 24 months. 

Thank you for clarifying my doubt. This makes me ineligible for  drop box as my last stamped visa on passport expired in June-2017.  

As there is no certainty about consulate opening near soon, it has become very frustrating to wait despite having approved I-797. In the best case scenario even if Consulate open up in Jan-2021, I'm guessing there will be 6-8 months waiting time to get appointment.  

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