I485 EAD filing with criminal cases pending in India

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I am wanting to file i485 GC EAD in USA. I have some cases filed against me in India. Note that there is no complaint or cases filed in USA against me.

1)     I have a false domestic violence civil case filed against me in India which is ongoing since last few years. Case is between me and ex wife, state/police is not involved. No question of arrest as no criminal case.

2)     I have false 498a/406 dowry criminal case filed against me in India on ex wife’s complaint. Case is between state and me. Chargesheet is filed against me by police and case is ongoing. No arrest. I am on bail.


Q25 of i485 under “Criminal Acts and Violations” asks: Have you EVER been arrested, cited, charged, or detained for any reason by any law enforcement official?

I need to obviously check the “Yes” box. The form asks me to provide an explanation if yes is checked. So my questions:

1)     I obviously need to tell details about the 498a criminal case against me. What would be a good way to write this out in the explanation section?

2)     Do I need to tell details about Domestic Violence also since that is not criminal? I have not been arrested, no chargesheet (since no criminal case) and I was not detained – though I am not sure if “cited” word in the question is applicable? If yes, what would be a good way to write this out in the explanation section?

I was thinking to write “I have matrimonial related criminal and civil cases filed against me in India by my ex wife. I have never been arrested. I am engaging in the cases actively. The cases are pending and no negative order or judgements has been passed against me till now. The cases are false. I am not guilty and I expect to be fully acquitted from all the charges.”.

               --Please help critique the above line. What should I add, what should I remove? Should I give more details about 498a or DV? Should I give them news articles showing how totally fake 498a cases generally are?

               --If anyone has gone through this, your experience/guidance on how to present this will be extremely useful to me.


Before you start judging me, ex wife left from US for her boyfriend with much my money. Then many years after separation she filed false cases against me and family asking for money. Above cases are quite common in India. My cases are not just false, they are a joke in their content but I have to go through the slow Indian justice system.

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