Is everyone interviewed before issuing GC?


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My priority date is Sep 2006 (EB2 India).

I had filed AC21 when I joined current employer in 2009. My last fingerprinting was done in 2007.

I have never been interviewed by USCIS before.

My employer is now offering me a severance package and asking me to quit.

How common is it that people are called for interview before issuing GC?

I do not plan to have a change of home address in 2011. Is it reasonable to expect that I may just receive GC in the mail?

If I am stuck with a RFE when PD becomes current, can I possibly delay my response by a couple of months until I find a job? I have a high-demand skill-set thus 2 to 3 months is reasonable time to find another job.

Thanks for your advice/ insights.

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