2 options available to get married.

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I have a B2 visa my fiancé is on H1B (on a process of Form I-140).

We have 2 options available to get married.

Firstly, file form DS 160 – get married – (meanwhile go to stay with husband through B2 visa) – later visit whenever dates for H4 interview is available in India(Mumbai).

Secondly, go to the US on a B2 visa - get married – cos-get H4.

What according to you will be the fastest and secure way to become the wife of U.S. citizen petitioner?

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From your posting it seems you don't have any genuine reasons to enter the U.S. on tourist visa. If your intentions are just to get married to USC then you don't seem to have any intention to live with your fiance on H1B post marriage. You could always enter the U.S. and then separate from him to get married to a USC. You must consider consulting an experienced immigration attorney to avoid a lifetime ban to enter the U.S. you could potentially trigger.

However, if you have genuine reasons to get married to this person please get married at your home country and apply a for H4 visa when the consulate open. You may use your existing B2 visa to spend brief time with your fiance or husband (after marriage). Again if you have intentions to get married to this person in the U.S. its best to check with an immigration attorney to do things based on any loopholes in the immigration laws.

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