Fraudulent PERM filing


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My employer shared a DOL confirmation email with me to assure me of my GC filing....but its a doctored/plagiarized email!!!

- They supposedly started my green card process since 2018. In Oct 2018 told me my 140 is denied and only they can re-file or fix it. This basically blocked me from moving on to my client who gave me 2 offers. Did not share any paperwork saying its 'company policy'.

- Since then, they have told me they have refiled entire process ( pwd/perm... )....but it was too late since 2019 was my last h1b year. This time, I insisted on sharing proof, so they sent me DOL confirmation email. ( LIKELY FAKE ). It says perm filed on 12/02/2019....

- My H1b ran out in Jan 2020. Im on h4 now. Employer said PERM is not moving . Calls me suddenly yesterday to tell me its in audit. I said plz email, but they are not wanting to email as usual.

NOTE : My wife works for the same firm, if my case had gone bad or wasn't filed, she would have left the firm too! Employer lying to me to retain her!!

NOW : The A number from the email, list of LCs in 2019, and other research showing no such filing ever happened. All Dec filings were anyway cleared in May according to DOL. Why the lies and delays ?? Obvious they have faked the filing to retain the dollars my wife earns them. As of today,  my "case is in audit and only they can fix it".

I know we cannot find out directly about my so called case from DOL and my employer wont ever share G28 . But does DOL not release list of all LCs in a year ? Where do we find this info ? 

This year a Brit couple won a case over delayed GC process. Mine is fake and fraudulent. 

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8 hours ago, karmakarma said:

Im out of options . 6 years expired 😞


Is it THAT easy for a firm in the US  ? to just get away with blatant fraud ?

Stay away from shady employers, in particular desi consulting companies. Do your due diligence.  You should have done that from the start.

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21 hours ago, karmakarma said:

Im out of options . 6 years expired 😞


Is it THAT easy for a firm in the US  ? to just get away with blatant fraud ?

Yes but its not specific to USA, if somebody wants to forge papers, one can do anywhere. Its all about getting caught and what happens if someone gets caught. In some countries, one can bribe their way out even if one gets caught.

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