H1B Visa Amendment


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Hello pontevecchio and JoeF

I have been at the customer location "X" since June 2010. I had my visa renewed in Feb 2011.My LCA, I129 and I797 have the same customer location. In June 2011 we moved to a nearby building which is less than a mile away with the same zip code but with a different street address. This move is for a temporary basis.Its only a part of the company which moved to this new location. HR has their presence still in the old location.

I would be attending consulate for Visa stamping in couple of weeks. I have letters from customer HR and employer stating my job duties, both of them have the same old permanent address as my work location (Same as LCA,I129,I797).

Do i need to amend my H1B to reflect the new address?

Please help.I would really appreciate your response.


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