Back to Back H1 Transfer denials and impact on beneficiary

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I am currently with an employer for over 6 years and got an offer from another company, Company A and started H1 transfer, company A didn't respond to RFE and petition got denied. Got another offer from Company B, again got RFE, company B responded to the RFE and petition got denied within two days after the RFE response was sent.

*Currently working as FTE and both the opportunities are for FTE as well.

*Company B filed for transfer during the same time period as Company A got RFE.

*Both petitions were filed under premium processing.

Both the companies didn't provide the RFEdetails to me but only said this has nothing to do with you, it is related to employer. Company B took all the education and experience related documents to respond to the RFE though.

As a beneficiary will this impact future H1 petitions? 

What are the chances if the denial for Company B petition is appealed?

Anyone experienced this? Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.





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