EVC stamping @ Ottawa


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All -

I am due for a stamping at Ottawa in a few days...think got all the documents but a

Quick question on Purchase order etc

I am not carrying any specific (date wise) PO from Client to Vendor to Employer but carrying the following:

1. Master Services Agreement between Vendor and Employer with no mention of the client - it's just a services agreement that vendor works with my employer and they have a contract

2. Client Letter - says that I am engaged through the vendor since XX date. What I do and how long do they want me for (it's open)

----I am not carrying a vendor letter either-----

Do you this would suffice or should I be taking more than these document...being diligent here.

Have the right paystubs, W2s, paid all the time...never on bench

Anything else I should be worried about? Recent visitors, please advice

As always, Thanks!


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