H4 start date issue


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My wife was on H1B VISA valid till 2013. She quit her job and we applied for COS, form I-539 for change of status from H1B to H4 on Jun7th.

My H1B expires on Nov 22nd of 20011. Our company lawyers filed for H1B extension on the same date, June7th.

Aug 4th we got both petitions approved. However my wife's H4 start date is from Nov 22nd of 2011. What happens to her VISA state at this moment ? She is not working now...We were hoping that she wold get her H4 start date to be right now, so that she has a valid H4.

Now, I am really concerned about her VISA status.

Anyone on the sameboat ? Any inputs from folks here would be of immense help.

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