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My last date with the employer is in two weeks which marks my 174th day post I140 approval. Kindly reply for below question,

1) My employer guarantees that my I140 will not be revoked. Considering, I'am falling short of 180 days by 6 days, Can I use the I140 with a new employer and apply for a H1 not subject to cap as my I140 is not revoked.

2) Worst-case, if employer changes mind and revokes before 180 days of approval,  if incase USCIS(due to some reason) picks my  application late after 180 days of approval and revoke it. Can I use my I140 still ?

3) Where can I see if my employer has requested for I140 withdrawal?

4) Will I be notified by USCIS once my I140 is revoked or can I view the withdrawal status in any online portal?

Appreciate your Timely response.




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Thank yo for the response. Would be great if you can reply for below questions.

My employer has branches in USA and in Canada.
I was in USA when my I140 was applied. It got approved after I moved to Canada. While moving from US, I became a Canada associate. 

As I was a Canada associate(not a USA employee) for the entire 174 days post I140 approval, Can I use the I140(if its not revoked) with future employer ? Is it mandatory that I should be a US associate for 180 days?







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