Promotion and job duties change after I-140 approval


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I have been working with company A for about 9 years now since completion of my Masters. I have an approved I140(PD:July 2015,EB3) for the role I initially joined and was performing for about 6 years. I got promoted as a manager but my job duties did not change drastically initially. So there were no amendments filed.  Later we had some reorgs and my job duties are significantly different than what my original job duties listed in my I-140.So now my company filed a H1B amendment(approved) for my current role and have started the process of PERM amendment as well. The problem I now have is the minimum requirement/skills proof  for this manager position I have acquired during my work experience in this company (& some certifications) and I cannot provide proof of work experience outside of the company. What can be done in such situations? Should my employer file for a future position PERM where I can then use my experience and skills? Any help is appreciated.

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