How to convert my H1B into Greencard after getting married to US Citizen?

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You don't "convert" anything.

Your spouse would have to sponsor you, by filing an I-130 for you, and you would have to file an I-485.

The forms and instructions are on the USCIS website. If you are not comfortable doing this on your own, hire an immigration lawyer.

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please consult a lawyer.

file I-130/485/765/131 before your H1 expiration but as soon as possible after marriage.

Originally posted by gamrut:

I am on H1B visa currently and i am getting married after 3 months and my spouse is a US Citizen. Can you please help me on the process of converting my H1B into Green card and what are the process/procedure i have to follow?

How much time this process will take?

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