EAD went undelivered


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I had my EAD approved 11/05 on expedite process. Received my wife's EAD on 11/12. Later found on USCIS website that my EAD went back undelivered on 11/16. Couldn't find exact reason from my post office or USCIS. But i had a mail forwarding to another address which i cancelled on 11/06.

Could this be the reason of my EAD getting undelivered?

2ndly my attorney already contacted USCIS for redelivery on 11/29 and confirmed me the same, however the status "Card/Document Production " on USCIS website still has the old message "To contact them within 180 days for re-delivery else USCIS will destroy the card etc ". Shouldnt the status change when they resend the card? pls let me know.

Many thanks !

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I am on the same boat. it says post office is unabl to deliver the document and returned to USCIS.


I did the same thing mail forwarding.


My attny asking me to call the USCIS to resend the documents again.


Let me see.





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Did you update your address with USCIS?


No I am on the Same Address, After the inquiry USCIS send me the mail with the tracing number of the EAD to check with USPS PO or reapply the I756 EAD/AP.


I check with USPS PO and they said ..they said they send it back to the sender after 15 days wait.


I am trying to call the USCIS and get it again but need to hold on the call for an hours to get the agent on line.


Killing my brain and painful.





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