Last Name is misspelled in the 140 approval notice


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Same situation I am in. I just got my I-140 approval notice last week and my first name is misspelled (just one letter got changed). I need to apply for extension as my current petition is expiring soon. Will it be a problem if I submit this I-140 notice for extension? Is there any supporting document I can submit(my labor has the correct name)?

Murthy lawyers please help.

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I had the same problem where one letter got missed from my first name. When I talked to my lawyer he said these thing happen all the time it is not a big issue. I called USCIS customer care and asked them to change it. They asked all the details like receipt number,name,i-94 number, filed date, my address etc. they said it will take 30 days and they also gave me a correspondence number.

I asked them if they are gonna send me another notice with correct name, they said yes.

lets see what the way I did this just 4 days back.

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My company name is spelled wrong in my I-140 approval notice. Instead of LLC it is typed LLP and I see in google that both can be two differnt types of companies. Could anyone please tell me what I am supposed to do to get it corrected and how it would affect my future processes.

Thank you.

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Even my approved 140 notice had my name in the petitioner name field instead of my company name.

Attorney has contacted the USCIS and they said they will respond in 30 days.

Even i have do my H1 extn based on 140 approval.

Attorney suggested to wait till we get the corrected approval notice.

i suggest the same to everyone waiting for the correction before applying for H1 extn to avoid any problem.

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