DS-160 for H1-B stamping after DUI


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Hello ,

firstly i want to thank everybody out on this forum for helping people through tough times.

I had a DUI last year in April 2019 for which i was arrested and finger printed , this happened during my STEM OPT . I was put on diversion with no guilty plea  and later the case got dismissed in November 2019 . So the case was dismissed under diversion with no guilty plea. My employer had filed for H1-B during that April 2019 and was approved  in June 2019 and i am currently on H1-b and need to go to India for my stamping.

while going through DS-160 , there is a question which states :

has your US visa ever been rejected or revoked ?

 I know that people say as soon as you are arrested your F1 visa gets revoked , but i never formally received anything in form of mail or email saying that it has been revoked.

what do i answer there?

is there a way to find out if it was indeed revoked bcos i did not get any communication.

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I too didn't receive any email on revocation after my DWI arrest , that doesn't mean that ur visa isn't revoked. it most certainly was. 

Do one thing check ceac website and see for last updated date , if its updated +- week around ur arrest then yes its an affirmative on revocation. 

I answered yes, since its gonna be 221G anyway , wont cost u anything...

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