COS H4 to F1

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{ Brief Overview - I am on H4 visa staying in US since January 2017. I went for H1B stamping in August 2018 and got 221G (Reason being consulate wanted current dated client letter but my client leter was 3 years old and I was not employed anywhere since then) It was still under 221G for 6 months so I returned to US on H4 in March 2019. During H4 stamping  I submitted a letter saying I will withdraw my Visa application of H1B. I joined Masters in Fall 2019 on H4 and went for F1 stamping twice in my winter break and got rejected both the times under 214B. Again got H4 visa and returned to US last week. H4 visa is valid till Feb 2022 and that will complete my wife's 6 years on H1B in Feb 2022.}

I am planning to apply for H4 to F1 change of status this month anticipating its approval before Fall 2020 so that I could complete my final semester ion F1 and get OPT post completion. I wanted clarifications on below things
1 - If COS is denied do I have to leave the country or continue studies on H4 ?
2 - If COS is approved in mid fall semester then will I be eligible for OPT. (I am enrolled full time since Fall 2019 without any breaks)
3 - If COS is approved in mid fall semester and its mandatory to be on F1 for atleast one sem to get OPT then can i extend my graduation for spring 2021(I will be completing 10 credits by Fall 2020) and do internship or reduced course load in spring 2021?
4 - To apply for COS do I have to send documents to USCIS visa processing center or local USCIS biometric office? I stay in North Carolina so Vermont center processes our applications I guess.

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