Stamping experience with DV


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Some background - I was arrested/detained on a domestic violence case in June 2016 and then I had gone to Canada for stamping in Jan 2017. The VO there asked me the questions and looked into the documents and approved the visa at the window.

I had my H1B stamping on Jan 21st 2020 and here the conversation I had with the VO:


VO: Why you want to go to the US?

Me: I work there for xyz big company and what I do for them

VO: were you arrested in the US

Me: There was a misunderstanding between me and my wife and she called the cops and I was detained on Domestic Violence charges and the case was dismissed by the city's DA. I said that I have supporting documentation to show the details of the dismissal

VO: (by this time he had decided that he will give me the blue slip) I am not interested in the documents right now , you can email your arrest and court documents over to the email ( in the Blue 221g)

Me: ok

VO: How much do you earn?

Me: gave the details

VO: send the documents over to the email on the blue 221g form


I came home, scanned the documents and sent them over to the email provided by the consulate the same day. The case date was updated on Jan 24th and Jan 30th and then status changed to Issued on Feb 3rd. I picked up the passport on Feb 4th.


My perspective : The VO I got was in a rush and the Delhi consulate had a lot more people than the one in Canada. So the VO is Canada were dedicating more time for every interview. My VO was impatient and quite rude.

Some other advice : Don’t get anxious , keep yourself busy - join a gym or visit friends and relatives

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