Possibility of approval of H1B for Testing Engineers having Electrical background

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I did my masters from the USA in Electrical and Electronics engineer and started a full-time job in a Software company (startup) as a Software Testing Engineer. I have no prior industrial experience. What is the possibility of approval of H1B for Testing Engineers? If it is rejected, then what impact will it have on my next year's H1B application?

I have heard that testers have weak application so their chances of getting approved are very low.

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On 1/25/2020 at 9:14 PM, Sakshib said:

What is the possibility of approval of H1B for Testing Engineers?

It will depend on what the role and responsibilities are for which you are applying. I would NOT give a blanket statement that Testing Engineers don't get H1 approved. 

You will need a good attorney as you have to tie your education with the job you are applying for and will need to go do good amount of paperwork for it. 

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