2 H-1B documents - I 94 and stamping issues !!


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Hello Guyz,

I ve read a lot of posts here and the information is really good. But I just wanted to know if anyone has had this experience very recently, since the rules might have changed.

1. My current H-1B (I-797A) document is valid till Nov 30th, 2011.

2. I am going to apply for an extension and ideally should get it for 3 yrs. starting from Dec 1st, 2011 - Nov 30th 2014. *** Assuming that the new H1B will only start after the old H1B in the case of an extension... is this correct?? ***

3. Now, I plan to go India on Oct 1st and return on Oct 30th. So I plan to get my stamping done on Oct 4th.

4. If I have 2 H-1Bs, one valid (old one) and another starting in 2 months time (new one), which one does the officer pick? I am assuming the old one...

5. In that case, when I re-enter USA, my new I-94 will also be based on the old one.. ie valid till Nov 30th, 2011.

What are my options now:

1. Can I get it fixed within the country? If so, please let me know if there are any CBPs or DOEs that are CURRENTLY doing this..

2. If not, will I have to go outside the country??



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