NOIR After H1B Approval

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Hello, Here is my current situation. Can some one please advise me with this?

I'm employee of a Non-Profit Organization and I'm having approved H1 B petition until Dec 29 2022. My H1B started DEC 30,2019. 

I received NOIR after Approval becasue my " Bank or financial institution returned or declined your fee of payment" 

I am Not Sure how i can get NOIR after Approval as USCIS will cash in Checks already. 

Journey of Events

  • In December 19, 2019, My Current Employer received a NOIR which they have not verified until 12/31 due to their vacation.
  • 12/30 i started at my New Company with Approved H1B starting 12/30/2019.
  • 12/31 My legal team called me to inform about NOIR and advised next steps.

Next Steps:- 

  • 12/31 -Legal team Advised me that they are Filing an LCA to include my Home address for work and file an amendment. 
  • I personally believe that my Employer has to respond to USCIS with proper explanation of How/What happened regarding payment since NOIR is due to  bank returned/declined payment.

My Concerns:-

  • Which is correct approach to this Amendment or Explanation to USCIS.
  • What are my worst case scenario in Either Options?
  • Do i need to leave country?
  • If my Employer prefers to File for New One?

Please pardon for any mistakes or very obvious questions. Please Advise.


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