Cancelling/Reschedule appointment - error faced

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My Company's travel coordinator booked a VISA stamping appointment for me & my spouse in Chennai consulate through the travel coordinator login

Later as the date was far of, we decided to book an emergency appointment, so he created an individual profile and raised an emergency request. it was approved and we booked the appointment through the individual profile.

But to our dismay, we noticed that the visa categories were incorrect and I was asked to cancel the existing appointment & rebook a new one as we cannot edit the VISA category of an existing appointment.

While trying to cancel the appointment from the individual profile from where the appointment was created we received an error - "List has no rows for assignment to SObject" & "You must first have a scheduled appointment before you can cancel it". But the appointment has been booked and help desk confirmed the same.

When contacted the held desk, they advised the travel coordinator to remove our profile from his login and then try cancelling from individual profile from where the appointment was booked. We tried the same, but error still persists.

Did any of you face the same problem and how did you fix it. Can you please share your experience or suggestions. Highly appreciate it.

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