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I am on L1B visa working in bay area in tech company. I am planning to resign (or may get laid off). How long am I allowed to stay in US after my last day of employment?

I have read contradicting news of 60 day and 10 day grace periods. Which is true?

I don't intend to find another job or anything. I just want to sell off my properties, travel and leave. How long can I stay?

I read this in an immigration blog (bold added by me)


At 82 FR 82436, the DHS explains that the purpose of the 60-day nonimmigrant grace period is “[t]o enhance job portability for these high-skilled nonimmigrants.” The 60-day nonimmigrant grace period accomplishes this goal by giving specified nonimmigrants 60 days to remain in the United States after the cessation of employment without violating their status.

Does it apply to me L1B holders also? (because L1B holders cannot change status to H1B or find another job)

Please help me.

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