N400 Interview: Applied together:interview notice received for spouse and not me (I have DUI conviction)


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My wife and I applied together via an immigration attorney for N400 this august. Looks like my wife received the interview notice whereas mine is still showing up as "being reviewed". I have a DUI from 2015 Dec (convicted Aug 2016 for no-accident 0.13 BAC).  Does DUI conviction result in interview appointments being perennially delayed and de-prioritized? I would love to get some information on this from the experts here.

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Why did you file in Aug, 2019? That's likely putting your conviction within the GMC period (3 years if based on marriage). Had you waited for just another month this would probably have not become an issue. With these cases you should make sure that any convictions or arrests fall at least a month or two outside the GMC period. If you were indeed convicted during the 3-year period your application may get denied.  Worst case, start a new application which should get approved if the above was the only issue. 

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