Can I transfer to previous employer with whom my H1b petition is not yet revoked by USCIS

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I worked with Company A and got my H1 visa stamping done with company A. ( VISA End date: 08-Aug-2020, I-94 from website has 08-Aug-2020 as I94 expiry date)

Then I moved to Company B and got I797 with end date 21-Dec-2019 and I-94 date on this I-797 is 30-Dec-2019. (I did not travel outside USA after changing to company B).

Also, my H1B extension with Company B is in progress and I got RFE.

 Current Status of H1 B petition with company A  is "Correspondence Was Received And USCIS Is Reviewing It".

As the petition with company A is not yet revoked by USCIS can I rejoin company A  after 30-December 2019  (which is after I-94 of company B petition expires) ?

Thanks in advance.

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