F1 visa rejected 214 b . Going for H4 stamping will be an issue?


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Hi , My wife went for F1 visa stamping and her visa got rejected with 214 b as reason. Now she is planning to go for H4 stamping.


1. Will F1 rejection impact her H4 stamping?

2. Is that a safe option if I will go for H1 stamping and in that way we will get both the passports stamped in comparison to the issues from 214b which may come if she goes individually for H4 stamping?

3. Or what could be the safest option in this scenario?

Please share your expert opinion. I appreciate your support. Thanks!

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1- No impact, the visa classification is different.

2- No issues, there is no such thing as safe option. If your spouse is eligible for H4 then they will get H4. As I said there should be no impact of F1 rejection on H4 unless F1 was rejected for fraud reasons(212(a)(6)(C)(i)).

3- See 2.

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