Working as Indian employee from USA

Supriya patwardhan

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IF you are inside US, US immigration and labour laws are applied to you. In other words , you cannot work in US and get paid in ur Indian bank account or us bank account without work authorization from USCIS. You should get your ideas through an accountant/immigration attorney.

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3 hours ago, Supriya patwardhan said:

Hi I have arrived in US a mOnth ago and have applied for my EAD but its still in progress. Earlier I was in UK and the organisation I was working for has approached me again if I can work remotely. I know that I can not get paid in US until  I have my EAD in place but in that case can work as an indian national and get paid in INR?

Unless you have US work authorization you can NOT work while in the US for any company, not even for a company outside the US.

It doesn't matter where the company is located, it matters where you are located.

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My wife worked like exactly the user mentioned for 5 months. Later I came to know it was not the right way to do so and we stopped working that way.   She was working as an employee of an Indian consultancy in India and this consultancy was contracted to an American company in US and working remotely in US location from home and having paid in her Indian bank account. Will this cause any trouble to our existing Green card process which is in 2nd phase currently.

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