J1 waiver final approval processing time 2019


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I just started working on getting NORI from 3 agencies in India.  I finished the first step and after uploading my affidavit, biodata and other relevant documents on MHRD webpage of NORI, I realize that they wanted everything to be categorically said either "yes" or "no" in the affidavit form. However, the affidavit form of Washington DC consular services does not have a questionnaire type format wherein one can say yes or no. So I just filled wherever it was appropriate and submitted it. I am wondering whether MHRD would consider my affidavit as incomplete and it will delay the entire process ? I saw in comments from 2013 that It is a potential issue but not sure if anyone experience it since the process is online. Please let me know.

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Did you hear back from them yet? I had applied for J1 visa waiver for home residency too (based on no objection). The online favorable recommendation from DOS was generated on 19th September, 2019. I never received the hardcopy in my address but did receive an email with the document. Since then, it has been 4 months and I have heard nothing from USCIS. DOS tells me to contact USCIS and USCIS says they still haven't received my case. I am running out of ideas on what to do. Does it take 4 months+ in this last step? Please post here if you receive your final approval from USCIS or any other update.


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