Multiple H1 transfers within 6 months

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I got my H1B approved Oct 2019. I have a situation, that I have to transfer my H1B to a new employer within the same client, as my client has an agreement with a vendor to add them in between my client and employer. So my current employer gave me an opportunity to transfer my H1B to the new vendor. But if I stick to my old employer an extra layer will be added and there will definitely be loss of some pay.  And my client has also offered me a full-time position and which is in process which takes about 5-6 months. Now my question is, is it a good choice to transfer my H1B to the new vendor now and then transfer it to my client after the full-time position process is complete, which takes about 5-6 months? I want to check if there will be a problem if I apply for H1B transfers 2 times in a span of 5-6 months as I got  my H1B approved recently? Can you please let me know your thoughts?


Thank you

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You can technically file for 2 transfers in the span of 5-6 months. But if the Client is willing to offer you direct employment, then its better to wait for that rather than switching to the vendor now. It might be a financial loss, but its better than taking the gamble of doing an H1 transfer. We never know what USCIS will do with the petition. Its just my personal option. 

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