L1-B and H1-B - Max out date

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I stayed in US in L1-B visa close to 2 years till 08/29/2014. My L1-B extension got denied and went back to India on 08/29/2014. But the same year, my H1-B got approved in CAP (2014 H1-CAP - Receipt Dt: 04/21/2014, Approved on 05/30/2014) and approved to work from 10/01/2014. However I am unable to travel to US due to position got closed at Client A. My employer filed amendment for Client B and got approved to work from 01/22/2016 (Receipt Dt: 06/24/2015, Approved on 01/22/2016). I traveled on 05/21/2016 (my first H1-B entry; My last exist on L1-B is 08/29/2014 = A gap of 1 year 9 months). Please let me know how to calculate my max out date. Will it include my L1-B stay or just H1-B alone. Appreciate your help on this.

Thank you,

Mohan Kumar

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